I am a transdisciplinary artist, teacher and creative technologist working across the analogue/digital boundary. I mix and layer together traditional and new media to produce interactive installations, live animations, music videos, public events, performances and workshops.

My work draws heavily from hacker culture and engages a number of different materials and technologies including augmented reality software, Arduino, ink drawing, pencil sketching, data manipulation, sound sampling, live visual mixing and gaming mechanisms.

I exhibit and perform regularly at gigs, festivals and in galleries, but also in public spaces (including zoos, industrial estates and town centres) and marginal and liminal locations.

My sketches, experiments, videos, installations and performances are designed to challenge the boundaries of what is digital and physical, real and unreal, true and fictional.

I’m interested in how we can hack, manipulate and change different kinds of media so they form new relationships and create new things through that process. Making and making mistakes is a core part of my practice.

In addition to my artistic practice, I mentor and provide advice to other artists, producers and event managers working on their own multimedia projects (including supporting works that are part of Digital Art Live). I run a maker space as part of Colab at AUT University to support community innovation. I also tutor students at all levels, and am active in a number of different technological and artistic communities.

I enjoy working with the general public (particularly youth) to expand possibilities and foster creativity across boundaries of different disciplines and practices.