Awhi Creatures Papakura – Augmented Reality Installations

Location: Papakura Township and Gallery

Date: September to November 2015

An AwhiWorld  AR experience and gallery installation supporting interdimensional creatures to nest in the alleyways, service lanes and interesting spaces of Papakura as well as an interactive AR installation in the gallery itself.

The creatures were accessed via black and white patterned ‘portals’ placed in and around businesses, alleyways, displays and windows (in partnership with the local business association). By holding the camera view of an augmented reality app over the pattern the creatures were revealed.



 The creatures were ‘acclimatised’ to the Papakura landscape by local youth in workshops supported by Creative Communities.

The hands-on creature making workshops took place within the Papakura Marae community and at Papakura Art Gallery during September and October. There was also a creature colouring competition displayed in the Gallery Space.